Career opportunities in the automobile industry

Career opportunities in the automobile industry

Avid automotive enthusiasts longing for a career that fires their enthusiasm every morning (instead of a countdown to the weekend) might do well to explore opportunities in the automobile industry. There are abundant, fulfilling, and diverse roles available in the automotive industry. For the more ambitious, an online Masters in Lean Manufacturing a specialism designed to eliminate as much waste from the production process as possible and achieve maximum productivity will open many of the more prestigious doors in this industry for successful graduates. Check out the highly-regarded Masters in Lean Manufacturing a unique online program devised in collaboration with General Motors - at the acclaimed Kettering University if you want to know more.

Just what is the Automotive Industry
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics includes businesses dealing with the production, wholesaling, retailing, and maintenance of motor vehicles under the heading “automotive industry.” That boils down to a very wide range of different jobs associated with cars and other vehicles.

Automotive Technician
For people who like rolling up their sleeves and fixing problems with practical expertise, this role links your mind and your hands in skillful harmony. Automotive technicians know how to change oil, replace air filters, balance wheels, change worn brake pads, and a raft of other maintenance tasks.

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Car mechanic
Car mechanics can perform all the tasks of the technician plus a host of others. This requires more training for deeper know-how and more intricate skills. Tasks are varied and can include replacing engines, gearboxes, and alternators, rectifying electrical glitches, and fixing suspension problems.

Diesel mechanics
Diesel mechanics specialize in diagnosing faults, repairing and servicing diesel engines. This frequently involves working on larger vehicles like buses and trucks work which is rewarded with a substantial hike in earnings (a diesel mechanic’s average annual salary is $50,000).

Vehicle sales
A good choice for car enthusiasts who enjoy talking to people rather than fixing engines, an auto salesperson seeks to sell cars to prospective customers who visit the showroom or car lot. This is a commission-based role, so earnings are based on selling success, but many able salespersons progress into managerial roles (average salary $67,034 per year) with experience.

Body and Paint Specialist
These skilled specialists repair damage to vehicles involved in serious accidents and minor collisions. The work involves restoring battered cars to their pre-accident dignity, repairing or replacing mangled bodywork, and restoring the paint so that the repair integrates seamlessly with the rest of the vehicle. Given the volume of accidents occurring every day, this role is in high demand.

Assembly Line Operative
Today, whether an assembly line is manufacturing completed vehicles or their constituent parts, assembly line operatives will require a working knowledge of computers and robotic manufacturing. Not the easiest of careers to get into, but one which is well-rewarded for those with the requisite skills.

Quality testing engineer
According to Indeed, this is perhaps the highest-paid automotive engineering role out there, commanding an average annual salary of $90,563. These highly trained and exquisitely skilled engineers are involved in testing every component in a vehicle to ensure correct functioning and full safety. There are various specialisms: electronics, wireless connectivity, system integration, and crash testing, for example.

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