Is Work From Home Making Your Employees Irresponsible

Is Work From Home Making Your Employees Irresponsible

We all have received/pass orders of work from home in the last year and in recent times too as the second wave of the pandemic has been paving its way worldwide. Things have been different and tough for all of us in one way or, as no one had ever imagined that we will stay approximately a whole year in the home. With all the sop’s and basic protocol, most of the government and private organization has made this the basic drill for cutting off the employee's attendance and making it mandatory for them to perform their duties online from home. It has been a difficult journey and we are in this together and will make it out from here soon. Till then all we need to do is make flexible changes to our daily routine and lifestyle for ourselves and the people around us.

But this decision has received mixed reviews from both the employees and employers. Some employees are happy with this decision as they gain it as an advantageous opportunity. On the other hand, some argue that home working doesn't suit everyone and home distraction can affect the work quality. The same goes for employers who may think that the productivity rate of employees working from home may decrease with time.

For those who are worried about the monitoring and productivity issues of the employees, we are here to offer you a smart and efficient way out of this confusion. Use the mobile tracker app or spy software like the OgyMogy to monitor the employees daily work routine and know about their schedules.

Real-Time Check On Screens:
OgyMogy offers a screen monitoring feature that lets employers watch the screen of any employee in real-time whenever they want. Thus the chance of surprise visits from the employers at any time will make the employee more careful about their screen activities and work speed during working hours. You can even keep a check on the overall screen activities by monitoring the screenshots and short videos captured by the OgyMogy spy app.

Use The Target's Camera To Know About The Surrounding Environment:
In case you want to know about the environment of the employees you can check the surroundings by using the camera of the target device. It helps the user by capturing the image to let them know about the working environment.

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Track Location With GPS Tracking System:
Track the pinpoint location of the employees to assure that work from home protocol must not be taken as some vacation plan by the employees. GPS location tracking feature offered by OgyMogy lets the user track the real-time location of the employees.

Listen To Surround Feature:
The listen-to-surround feature lets the user listen to every sound and voice around the target employees this feature is useful to track any kind of long personal calls, gatherings, game activity, or any other entertainment during working hours. Any kind of distraction during official working hours can affect work quality.

Online Search History Tracking:
With OgyMogy you can know about the browsing history of the employees remotely with ease. Use the track internet browsing history feature and keep an eye on the online search bar to make sure the digital activities of the employees must be work-related only during working hours.

Block Distractive Sites:
OgyMogy gives power to remotely block any distractive sites on the official gadgets of the employees during work time. The web filtering feature can help you block all those sites that can disturb the daily work routine or affect the production rate of the employees.

Say No To Security Threats:
To deal with any kind of security threat or data breach issue, use the keylogging feature of the OgyMogy It records all the id information along with the password of the related device. Users can monitor the email correspondence and other important stuff by keeping a record of all the keystrokes applied to the target device.

OgyMogy mobile tracker app offers the features in the form of a bundle package. You can select the bundle of your choice and install it on the official android of the employees. You can even use OgyMogy Mac and OgyMogy Windows spy app versions to monitor other official gadgets like desktops, tablets, and laptops.

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