What to Do After a Car Accident Step By Step Guide

What to Do After a Car Accident Step By Step Guide

When you are involved in a car accident, you need to follow certain things and steps. In most cases, for not following the necessary steps, people fail to get the insurance claim. This is how it creates so much trouble to file the case and prove it in court.

Whether you had any faults in the accident or not, it is really important to know what you should do after a car accident. From identifying injuries to the insurance claiming process, every step is important.

So in this writing, we will discuss a step-by-step guide on what to do after a car accident. Keep reading!

8 Steps to Do After A Car Accident:
After an accident, everyone gets perplexed about what to do or not. Follow the below steps immediately after an accident occurred.

Step 1: Check and identify the injuries:
The first and foremost thing you need to do after a car accident is, check, and identify the injuries. If you or someone is injured, then call 911 as early as possible. If the injuries are really serious, try not to move until or unless any professional medical personnel comes.

Step 2: Check the passenger's well-being:
In an accident, when you are not that injured or hurt, it does not mean that your passengers will not be injured or hurt. You need to check the well-being of your passengers if they are all good. If anyone is injured, try to take their phone with emergency service and call someone who can help.

Step 3: Get yourself to a safety zone:
It is also very important to get yourself in a safe zone. When you are involved in a car accident and when you are able to move. You should move and get yourself in a safe place because the car involved in that accident can cause a hazard. So if possible, park it on the side of the road or let it be.

Step 4: Call the emergency:
No matter how big or tiny the accident is, you should call and inform the emergency. Sometimes, when you claim an insurance settlement, it is legally required to show the police report. When you call the emergency, a responding police officer will fill out an accident report of that incident.

Suppose the police cannot come to the scene of your car accident. It would then help if you went to the nearest police station to record an accident report. When you go for the insurance settlement, you will require to show these accident reports to the insurance company.

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Step 5: Ask for help:
After involving in an accident, you should turn off the car engine and turn on the hazard lights as your emergency signal. You can also use the road flares in your emergency kit box. This will help you to warn others on the road. They will also understand that you need help, which is a great way to seek others' help.

Step 6: Exchange important information:
When you make sure that you and your passengers are alright, the next thing you need to do is exchange the contact and other information with the other driver. There is some important information that you need to exchange with the other driver. They include:

  • Driver's full name and contact details
  • Policy number from the insurance company
  • Car's license plate number and driving license number
  • The type and the model of the vehicle
  • The accident's location

While exchanging the information with the other driver, you should avoid discussion about the faults. When you file for an insurance settlement, there will be an adjuster who will review your incident and determine it. The settlement will determine several things (e.g., injuries, vehicle damage).

Step 7: Record the incident:
To be in a safe zone in this case, you can follow some steps. These steps are:

Get the police officer:
When the police officer comes to the scene, you should identify the police officer. You can look into her badge to know his name and badge number. This will help you in further investigation.

Get a report's copy:
When the police officer is done with the accident report, you can ask him for a report copy. In most cases, the insurance company asks for the accident report. So you need a copy of the report to get the settlement.

Take the incident and car photo:
This is probably the best thing that you can do. Try to take pictures as many as you can from different angles and sides. Make sure that those photos are showing the car damages and a basic idea of the incident. Also, try to take pictures of the number plate of another car. This will support you in the insurance claim process.

Take information and witnesses:
Write down the information on the other parties. Information includes the name, address, and so on. If possible, then you should also try to take the name and address of the passengers. If there are any witnesses in that incident, try to take their information, such as their name and contact details.

Step 8: Talk to your insurance company and claim for a settlement:
No matter the damage, you should try to contact your insurance company as early as you can. If possible, then call the insurance agent when you are at the incident scene. This is how you can able to let them know what did exactly happen. Then this will help you in the settlement claim process.

The bottom line:
Sometimes, an accident can cause a lot of damage to a person. It can be mental and also can be physical. In some cases, it is ended up with the loss of lives. So it is really important to know for a person that what they should do after involved in a car accident. Hire a lawyer: merchant law

All situations and cases are different from each other. No matter your cases or situations, you know what to do and what not to do. Then you will get very good recovery money from the insurance company. Hopefully, from this writing, you have learned what to do after a car accident.

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