Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Railing for Your Balcony

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Railing for Your Balcony

While building your new home, you got to be very careful with the materials you use. For example, what kind of material would be the bathroom door or floor or the balcony railing. You should do your research about the materials you are going to use- the advantages and disadvantages, etc.

In the balcony railings, you have a variety of options. From them, the most easygoing and proper options are wood and metallic railing. Some of the people choose wood railings. But the varieties are in the metal railings. You can use the material made of stainless steel. We will discuss here the advantages and disadvantages of metal railing in brief.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Railing
Wooded railings need more maintenance, and with time they will decay with rain. That is why it is getting less popular. That is why stainless steel is getting popular and is the new demand of time.

Types of The Balcony Railing
As we know, there are various types of material used in the balcony railing. For instance,

This one is low maintenance, colorful and low in cost (vinyl and composite). But it will be hard to hide the cheap look on your railing because paint does not stick to plastic for that long.

It gives your balcony a classic look at a very low cost, but it should be maintained and painted to hold its classy brand-new look.

It is lightweight, easy to install, more durable than wood or plastic, but it is not free from corrosion. As it is a soft metal, the dent on it will be very hard to hide.

It presents a transparent look and works as a wind barrier. But the problem is, it is very costly as normal glasses will not be able to take the pressure of railings. So, they use tempered glasses for stronger protection.

It will give you a traditional feel, but unfortunately, it is costlier and has a high risk for corrosion.

Stainless steel
Now, coming to the most popular and usable balcony railings. It is beautiful, durable, designed to match with most of the building codes, and the most happening matter about it is- unlike iron, it is corrosion-free.

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Advantages of Metal Railing
Unlike woods and other materials, metallic railings are more classy, shiny, durable, and present a traditional look. Other than that, we have listed some of the advantages of metal railing here. Take a look.

  • It suits every building code.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The material is small and lightweight
  • Designs can be personalized according to your taste and demand.
  • These railings are durable, and it does not cause splinter or corrode like wooden platforms.
  • Considering the homeowner's budget and lifestyle, it can be made from flat products or casting.
  • In outdoor conditions comparing the weather, metal is a way better choice than plastic or wooden railings.
  • Using powder coating on the metal railings ensures longer life of the shine of the balcony.
  • The most significant advantage of it is cost maintenance. To clean it, you can just use a wet towel and wipe it out.

Disadvantages of Metal Railing
Despite all these mentioned advantages, metal railings have some disadvantages. They are-

Compared to normal PVC and wooden platforms, steel is way costlier. Not just any steel, for a better result, you need to buy better and stronger steel such as balustrade metalica. And ultimately, it will be costly.

It is also very hard to install. Only skilled people with proper tools and instruments can help you to install the railing in your house. Otherwise, any amateur worker may cause an accident after the installation.

It needs proper maintenance and high care; for example, it needs regular polishing to keep the shiny look intact.

In the case of buying steel for the railings, you should know the difference between normal and strong steel. Otherwise, you may get betrayed and end up with low-quality steel. That is why, for a better result, you should always bring your friends or a professional working with you.

As mentioned before, buying stronger steel is pretty costly. In this case, it is called that the ‘investment pays for itself. But if the maintenance and the quality are not okay, nothing will pay for your loss.

Despite having all the disadvantages, the metal railing for the balcony is always preferable. It presents both a traditional and classy way. From the outside, the house looks nice and shiny. As it is durable, you can use it for a long time (if you buy the right steel with the right amount of money).

So, buying a new house does not end everything- maintaining and repairing also take up money and time. That is why be careful about choosing materials for your house tools.

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