Places to visit near Guhantara Resort

Places to visit near Guhantara Resort

A life without adventure and travel is probably unsatisfying but Karnataka is a perfect tourism hub for wanderlusts. The place has various heritage sites, temples, forts, and resorts. One who has thought of visiting Banglore never misses out on the opportunity to visit the alluring and remarkable Guhantara Cave Resort along with the prominent sites located nearby. The whole excursion not only becomes extraordinary but remarkable.

Let's grab our sense of wonder!
Guhantara Resort- Have you ever thought of doing fun inside a cave? So here it is India's first underground cave resort. Guhantara resort is 35 km away from silicon valley. It is known for its unique and magnificent ambiance. It has a man-made lake, natural waterfall, and rooms that are built-in airy tunnels with massively modern facilities that too with a traditional touch. It is an ideal outing spot for indulging yourselves in a plethora of recreational activities like tunnel trekking, rain dance, horse riding, quad bike rides, and many other group activities. You can choose any room type - primitive, lithic room, or lithic suite.

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Amenities provided by the resort

  • Spa
  • Gymnasium
  • Pool facility
  • Kids Fun area
  • Wifi facility
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Medical facility

After spending a day or two you can visit the nearby places of this site

Turahalli Forest – Turahalli forest is 15 km away from Guhantara Resort. You can trek and head towards the forest. It is the most beautiful lush green, dense and thick forest adorned with shrubs and climbers which is a gift to nature. The forest portrays the clearest path of the universe. You will completely fall in love with the serene and friendly environment of the place. You can adore the variety of bird species. Camping around the pond can be a perfect idea to spend an ideal time away from the noisy crowd.

Entry fee - Free

Tip - carry an Odomos / mosquito repellant along with you.

Pyramid valley – The valley is 9 km away from Guhantara Resort. It is a yoga center. The attitude of gratitude is indeed yoga and meditation. It is a very cheerful experience to spend your quality time in divine Yog asanas and meditation. The place has astonishing views for clicking pictures. It has a big statue of Lord Buddha which promotes spirituality. The management of the valley offers free meals to the visitors which is very appealing. The place is perfect for the ones who are in search of peace of mind.

Entry fee- Free

opening hours- 6 AM to 10 PM

Tip- carry your Yoga mats, drinking water, sunscreen.

The Big Barn Farm- The Big Barn Farm is 8 km away from Guhantara Resort on Bannerghatta road. It is an ideal picnic spot. The place connects you to nature and livestock. Various camps are organized where you can see a glimpse of poultry farming, animal husbandry, tractor ride, and animal petting. It is a novel experience for the townsfolk. The place has a treehouse in its center which is very captivating. One can see the entire scene of the farm along with the cascading waterfall from here.

Entry fee- chargeable

Tip- you can customize the camping tour at your convenience.

Trimurthy temple – The small temple is 8.5 km away from Guhantara. As the name suggests Trimurti, the temple has three big statues of Lord Hanuman, Lord Krishna, and Lord Ganesha. It has a soothing aura. you will be filled with wonder, touched by the peace of the place. it has a small garden in front of it which pre offers fun activities for kids.

Innovative Film City – The amusement park is approximately 8 km away from Guhantara. Amusement parks never fail to thrill and enthrall children and people of other age groups too. It gives you a chance to live your childhood again. It features several attractions which will multiply your fun.

  • Cartoon city
  • Dino Park
  • Aqua Kingdom
  • Wax museum
  • Cultural fairs
  • Go-karting
  • Fossil hunt
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