The 5 Best Cakes To Try in Sydney

The 5 Best Cakes To Try in Sydney

Cakes have become a synonym of celebration and happiness in the present times. To have a slice of the sweet and creamy combinations can even act as a mood lifter on bad days. There are cakes available for every occasion, including birthdays, parties, anniversaries and many more. Besides, it has also become easy to order cakes from the comfort of one's own house. The baked goods industry showed a growth of 5% percent in 2020, owing to people staying at home and indulging in some delicious food during the pandemic. Many online cakes sellers have become last-minute saviors for many people and are becoming more sought after by the day. For instance, Cake Mail cakes in Sydney are very popular because of their quality and convenience. All the customers have to do is, choose from their list of cakes at least a day or two in advance and wait for it to drop in. The facility even allows the customer to add toppings, Nutella syringe, etc. The customer will also be able to know of exact contents and size and even various payment options. Thus, one doesn't have to tire themselves by going to the baker for a yummy slice of these beauties.

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In the present, cakes are not just about the taste but also about the presentation and aura it generates. For example, Cake Mail cakes in Sydney have unique and trendy designs without compromising on taste. Read on to find out more about some quirky tasty cake creations!

Lemon drizzle cake
It is a flour and almond-based cake that is both dense as well as very fudgy. However, it is not very sweet, making it the perfect choice for older people's birthdays and afternoon tea. The cake is topped with icing of lemon flavor that is made to drip through the sides.

lemon drizzle cake

The beautiful presentation and flavor make it perfect for the classics and romantics for their celebrations on a lazy sunny weekend.

Strawberry Watermelon Combination
This cake has a layer of almond dacquoise and rose-scented cream filled with a slice of watermelon. It is then topped with fresh strawberries, rose petals, and pistachios.

strawberry watermelon cake

It is a very light and refreshing cake that is perfect for jazz and office parties. Moreover, this cake originated in Australia and has become a yummy contribution to the rest of the world.

Lorraine's Patisserie date tart
This tart originated in the 90s and was created by Lorraine Godsmark and Neil Perry. It is a very buttery pastry cased with sweet and soft dates with a thick layer of vanilla custard that forms a caramel crust on the top. [caption id="attachment_353" align="alignleft" width="407"]

lorraine patisserie

Lorraine patisserie[/caption] The pastry is very flaky, soft, and melts in the mouth. It is a very exquisite recipe that only professionals can perfect. Therefore, having it on the food list makes the parties and get-togethers more elegant and classy.

Raspberry Chocolate cake
It is the best cake for a chocolate lover. The cake is made with a smooth chocolate mousse and raspberry cremeux for contrasting flavors. The dessert is glazed with a thick layer of chocolate ganache to enhance the flavor of chocolate to the fullest.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

The cake is made in the style of a French p√Ętisserie, which is supposed to have flavors at its gentlest, and not very superimposing texture. The cake is perfect for those who crave chocolate and at the same time do not want it to be so heavy.

Carrot Cake
The cake has the flavor of cinnamon, walnut pieces, and fresh carrots to its credit. The frosting used is cheese frosting which is slightly sweet, light, and fluffy in texture.

carrot cake
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