Physical therapy elbow pain while throwing

Physical therapy elbow pain while throwing

What is Pitcher's Elbow
Pitcher's Elbow, also known as Medial Epicondyle Apophysitis, is a typical throwing-arm injury characterized by pain that runs within the elbow and later transfers to the wrist. Many activities can cause it, but it's particularly rife among baseball players.

Unlike a sudden injury that usually results from a fall or clash with another player, an elbow injury occurs gradually. In many cases, the injury develops when an athlete repeats this movement, often during single periods of play, and when these periods of play are so frequent, the body does not have enough time to rest and heal.

Throwing injuries may be common to pitchers, but it can also be seen in any athlete who participates in repetitive overhand throwing. Physical Therapy Elbow pain when throwing.

Physical therapy may help restore and improve the mobility and ability of athletes throughout all the muscles and joints required to throw properly. There are two goals in physical therapy, the first is to treat the pain, and the other goal is to prevent the patient from relapsing by enhancing the elbow's ability to respond to and recover from stress.

Physical therapists who achieve these goals usually give the best physical therapy for baseball players. Many physical therapy treatments are very effective in treating this condition. They are:

Education: The first and the best physical therapy for baseball players with elbow pain is rest. In this process, A physical therapist explains why rest is so important and schemes a plan for rehabilitation for injured athletes to return to their sport safely. An embodied return-to-throwing progression of treatment and exercise is also designed for patients to safely move from their rest phase through a gradual reintegration of throwing activities to prevent another injury.

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Strength Training: Physical therapists teach exercises to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder. The exercises are for each muscle to perform its job and reduce stress properly.

Range of Motion: Due to the repetitive nature of throwing that causes the elbow to be irritated, causes swells, and becomes stiff, resulting in an abnormal motion. A physical therapist assesses the movement of your joints compared to the expected normal movement for one's age and gender, as well as that of the other shoulder or elbow.

Pain Management: Some physical therapists may recommend therapeutic methods such as ice and heat to suppress pain.

Functional Training: In the adolescent age group(or people who are still growing) that typically suffers from pitcher's elbow, a patient is usually learning how to adapt their movements to a growing body.

Poor coordination can place undue stress on the shoulder and elbow, and abnormal movements can, over time, cause one to develop pain in the body. Physical therapists are knowledgeable at assessing movement quality, and in training, athletes to function at their best.

A physical therapist points out faulty movements in one's throwing motion, so, as an athlete who engages in throwing games, you can attain and maintain a pain-free elbow.

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