How to Play Fantasy Cricket to earn money during a lockdown

How to Play Fantasy Cricket to earn money during a lockdown

The craziness around IPL matches is at its peak, but with everyone sidelined by the ban, the fantasy game can continue its excitement. You're probably all now wondering what fantasy cricket is and how it can match the excitement and fun of the IPL.

What is fantasy cricket?
Fantasy cricket is very similar to the concept of fielding cricket. There are 2 teams on the field, but the game is played on a virtual pitch. You can play online fantasy cricket via a website or an app and you can create a standard team of 11 players, with an amazing variety of players from all over the world to choose from, simply by registering as a user.

It all works on a points system, where users earn points for their chosen team of 11 players based on their performance in real games. Points are calculated based on a variety of factors, such as points scored during the game, balls caught and goals scored. Players can also choose to play free fantasy cricket games or play fantasy cricket and win real money.

The first step in playing a fantasy chess league is to choose a game, select the players in each category and then choose a captain and vice-captain.

Fantasy chess is very exciting and you get to choose the 11 best players to build your team with. At the end of the game, you will not only be rewarded with bonuses, but you will also get a sense of achievement.

Due to the elimination, no one can play cricket on the field. Fantasy Cricket offers the same excitement and fun as playing real cricket on the pitch, but with a team of the best possible players.

With each game played on the new Fantasy Cricket site, registered users improve their skills and knowledge to create the right team for each game.

They can put together a team of experienced captains, vice-captains, batsmen, bowlers and wicket keepers.

What's more, playing fantasy cricket online and making money in India is completely safe, secure and legal. Play fantasy cricket games for free or play for cash prizes and bonuses. By law, playing Fantasy Cricket online is perfectly legal and is not considered gambling or betting. Also, you can also check the IPL Match live Score.

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Win real money with Fantasy Cricket
Once you've selected a league and joined a team, you'll have to wait for the league to start up, at which point you'll be able to see where you stand compared to other team members. Once the match is over, you'll receive money in your wallet.

Be calm and relaxed: Leaders should always be focused on the task at hand. It is very important to remain calm when making decisions. Even one distraction can reduce your chances of winning.

Put emotions aside: Your decisions should not be influenced by emotions. Putting emotions aside when making decisions is the most difficult task of all. You must strive to be logical rather than emotional.

Have an emergency plan ready: People need to be prepared with an emergency plan. Your plan should be flexible because things can change at the last minute. People should be prepared with at least two emergency plans.

Follow your trends: People need to approach things on their own terms. You can learn from others, but never try to imitate them.

Act with confidence: People need to be confident in their decisions and learn to stick to their plans. Confidence is the key to accuracy. But be careful of overconfidence.

Choose Balle Baazi for Fantasy Sports app
Balle Baazi is a premium fantasy sports platform where you can play fantasy sports games and fantasy sports leagues online. Simply create your fantasy sports team and take on online players. Download the Baazi Fantasy Cricket Ball app. Here you can also watch Yesterday Match results with an ease.

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