The Strategy Behind TikTok s Global Rise

The Strategy Behind TikTok s Global Rise

In modern days social media dominates the digital world. The average internet user spends a considerable amount on social media and this has led to several new platforms. TikTok is a relatively new social media platform that has achieved over a billion average views in just a few years of its existence. The tool has over 2 billion downloads and the figures are seeing a steady increase. The reason for the widespread popularity of TikTok can be attributed to the fact that users can create 15-second videos and present that before the audience. Here, most of the content viewers are content creators and this encourages people to engage with the content. Brands have also realized this potential and have been quick to jump into the TikTok bandwagon. Today, more than 90% of the TikTok posts have some form of brand placement. Top brands such as Samsung, Apple, Chevrolet, and others organize hashtag competitions to encourage their viewers to come up with videos on a theme. The versatility of TikTok is another major factor behind its growing popularity. Here, the content creator can add filters, stickers, and background music to personalize the video. By simplifying the process of video creation, TikTok has established its presence as a leading video platform. Today, it has over 2 billion downloads in more than 150 countries. The fact that TikTok can be accessed in 75 languages gives it regional acceptance. While such numbers are highly encouraging, the growth story of TikTok gives us a lot to learn from. In this article, we will debunk the strategy that led to the massive growth of TikTok.

TikTok as a Source of Recreation
Modern life is highly stressful, and people are on a constant lookout for sources of entertainment. TikTok provides a lot of amusing and relatable content that is a source of recreation. According to latest marketing report, 30% of the top TikTok videos had humorous content. While background music was present in 80% of all TikTok videos, upbeat music was the most popular choice. TikTok’s structure sets it apart from other apps and provides short, easily consumable videos. This encourages views and motivates people to show off their creative skills.

Flexibility of TikTok
TikTok is one of the most flexible social media platforms and allows users complete creative freedom on video creation. You can use a video editing tool such as InVideo to edit your videos to perfection before you upload them to TikTok. Alternatively, the in-built trim, cut, meager, and duplicate features of TikTok allow you to create the video of your choice. The high flexibility of TikTok lets you duet a video to make it look real. Adding relevant music is a child’s play, and you can tweak your TikTok videos to your taste. Users love this flexibility, and that is why they prefer TikTok over other video-sharing tools.

Hashtag Challenges
People who are active on TikTok enjoy creating fun content. To leverage, this tendency brands and influencers organize hashtag challenges. In most such challenges, the participant is given a #tag name, and they need to create a video around that theme. Many brands collaborate with popular influencers to promote such challenges. Hashtag challenges provide TikTok users an opportunity to be in the center stage and create videos. Since video creation is achieved in a few simple clicks, everyone can participate in such a challenge. This has, in turn, contributed to the widespread growth of TikTok.

Monetization Features of TikTok
TikTok encourages individuals and brands to monetize upon the video content that they create. Accounts that have over 250,000 followers have several opportunities to make money off their videos. TikTok also provides a free platform for brands to promote their business offerings. Such proactive measures have contributed to the effectiveness of TikTok and helped it emerge as a marketing giant.

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Language Diversity
In recent decades, developments in technology have played an instrumental role in making the world a global village. However, most of the digital developments have centered around the English language. TikTok did an exemplary job at breaking the language boundaries by making itself available in over 75 languages. Such language diversity has improved the reach of the social media platform. Brands that cater to a vernacular audience are looking for innovative ways of incorporating TikTok in their digital marketing initiatives.

Platform to Express Feelings
Present times are hectic, and everyone is on a rat race to success. It has led people to become lonely as they do not have the physical company to express their emotions. The pandemic and the subsequent social distancing norms further contributed to this, and people are desperate to express themselves. In such a situation, TikTok provides a platform for users to express their feelings and create or watch videos that suit their moods. Comments and other engagement on the videos give the content creators more ideas to express themselves. Watching others talk of their feelings encourages people to come out of their shells. That way, TikTok established itself as a safe place for people to express themselves during difficult times. Growing into a safe emotional reservoir has helped in the platform’s growth story.

Highest Security Assurance
TikTok ensures the utmost security of the videos, and the content can only be shared with the user’s consent. Users have a safe platform to store their videos if they do not wish to make them public. TikTok users have their trust in the platform, and such credibility has laid the foundations of a secure relationship between the users and the platform. With every upgrade, TikTok inches closer to data encryption and security. This has been a major contributor to its rise as a video-sharing platform.

Encourages Localized Talent
The major USP of TikTok is that it encourages localized content. Many local brands organize TikTok content around an area-centric theme. Larger brands often organize TikTok auditions in different countries, and locally relevant themes are allotted to the participants. The winners of such competitions get rewarded on a global scale. This helps them gain fame at the local level. Thus, TikTok provides content creators with a chance to realize their dreams of becoming famous. This encourages them to put their best foot forward and work towards creating engaging content. As a result, more people take to TikTok, and this contributes to their growth story. The growth story of TikTok is impressive, and in the coming days, we expect it to get more challenging. Changing global trends will decide the future aspects of the TikTok app. Throughout its existence, prompt adaption to current situations has been the strong play of TikTok and contributed to its growth story. As we expect this trend to continue in the coming days, we see a promising future for TikTok.

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