The Importance of Choosing Best CBSE School in Dubai

The Importance of Choosing Best CBSE School in Dubai

For a child to be a successful individual, it is very important to give a strong foundation at the inception of their childhood. This can start with the right kind of schooling. With today’s growing competition and high fee structure, parents need to scrutinize the school to ensure that their ward receives all that is required for holistic development apart from academics.

We have various curriculum on national as well as international platforms, but in the Asian region, the three most popular ones are ICSE, CBSE, and State Board. These three boards follow their own set of teaching methodologies benefiting students differently.

The Central Board for Secondary Education, or CBSE, is the most common and popular curriculum offered and accepted today. Especially in the Middle East countries like UAE, there are various national as well as international schools. Dubai has become a popular education platform for international students. Many international schools in Dubai provide the best of facilities and education to students. CBSE schools in Dubai are both on the local as well as international levels. CBSE schools in Dubai cater to the four segments of schooling like the pre-primary, primary, secondary, and higher schooling education system.

A few of Top CBSE schools in Dubai include:

  • GEMS New Millennium School
  • JSS International School
  • Springdale School
  • Credence High School
  • Global Indian International School
  • Delhi Private School
  • New Indian Model School

With a plethora of options for CBSE schools in Dubai, parents need to check on those that offer quality education and in the long run help, students grow into successful citizens of the country. Below listed are some important tips for choosing the right CBSE school:

Convenient location
The first thing we need to check on is how convenient the location of the school is for your ward. As half the day the student goes to school it should not be a burden or hectic for them to come home and prepare for their studies. If most of the time goes on traveling to school then it affects the academics as well as the health of the student. If you are looking for a boarding or residential school also see that the location is convenient for your child and caters to the needs.

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Facilities provided by the school
When planning to enroll your ward to a school, it is very important to know the various facilities offered by them like the lab facilities, technologies used, security measures taken for the safety of the students, the commute of the students, sports ground and more. Today, schools are completely equipped and they offer a virtual tour of the school to a parent.

Co-curricular activities
CBSE schools concentrate not only on academics but also identify the true potential of a student and nurture them for all-around development. Schools should provide scope for various extracurricular activities be it sports, dance, music, instrumental music, art, and literature, innovation, etc. CBSE schools usually follow a multi-disciplinary teaching system till the higher classes and then start a rigorous academic teaching methodology.

Subject combinations offered
Most CBSE schools offer different subject combinations. Have a thorough understanding of the combinations offered and see what best suits your ward based on their interest. Be it languages, or any other subjects it’s important to know the interest of the student. CBSE schools offer combinations based on the international curriculum to prepare the students for the future.

Make the learning journey fun and enthusiastic
Good CBSE schools inculcate a love for learning in children. They provide a holistic teaching approach that includes reading, listening, improving the communication and writing skills of the students. The CBSE schools follow a blend of teaching that makes students learn new things every day.

Inculcating values
Good CBSE schools inculcate ethics and virtues in children at a very young age. The curriculum offered helps them to build on their personality and character traits to become more responsible and confident citizens of tomorrow. The students are taught to respect the teachers as much as their parents and teachers inspire the students to become good individuals.

Offer scholarships
CBSE schools offer some of the best scholarships that will help the local as well as the international students in gaining the best of education. These scholarships are awarded to students at a very young age to create a platform for higher education in reputed universities across the globe.

Global Indian International School is one of the top CBSE schools in Dubai that offers quality education and all-around development of students. They give a strong foundation to students not only academically, but personally as well by developing their core capabilities and interests.

GIIS offers some of the best scholarship programs like The Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship, Global Citizen Scholarship, 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship, and more. These scholarships are given to students who are UAE residents and international students who want to build a bright future. Before you choose a school with a CBSE curriculum, learn the importance of choosing one and then make a decision that will make your child a successful citizen in the future.

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