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Natural, completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic, healing, soothing, regenerating and anti aging... Everything good for your skin is in our lotion blends.

We simmer green tea with herbs like red raspberry leaf, juniper berries, red clover blossoms, rosehips, lavender and arrowroot. We use non-toxic plant wax as an emulsifier. We blend in oils like: jojoba, apricot kernel, red raspberry seed, vitamin E and coconut. We use Kokum and Mango Butter. Two-thirds of each body lotion blend is pure aloe vera (no water). We add honey, essential oil and natural or naturally derived- non toxic preservatives. Every order is made fresh. It's a salad of wonderful ingredients for your skin.

Click HERE for our complete list of lotion ingredients.

If ordering outside of the US or Canada, shipping will be free initially and you will later be sent an invoice for the shipping amount once it is calculated. LotionSecrets always uses priority shipping.
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Our lotion is good for all skin types. This moisturizing body blend serves many purposes. We really put our heart and years of experience into this recipe. We have a glossary of Natural Ingredients page that will define each of our skintastic ingredients for you plus many more. Longer shelf life if kept cool and clean. Using a fresh product containing fresh ingredients is the best way for our skin to get the cosmetic and health benefits we all desire from our moisturizers. LotionSecrets.com recommends you use your lotion up and order a new bottle or jar at least every 3 months.

Other uses include: taming curly, frizzy or damaged hair; healing of tattoos, sunburn and any other skin condition. Soothing, healing, refreshing... This lotion also has a very mild, natural and appealing fragrance.


"My daughter's eczema is a thing of the past. We stopped using those toxic lotions and started using Lotion Secret's lotion and her skin completely healed within months. I enjoy making my own lotion now. Thank you."

T. Smith, Arizona


"After just two weeks of using your face cream, my skin actually feels like new. In fact, out of the blue one of my children commented that I look younger and my face looks like it has fewer lines. They are right – when I look in the mirror, I look 10 years younger!

Also, normally when I use body lotion at night, my skin is dry in the morning and I need to reapply the lotion. With yours, in the morning my skin looks and feels like I have just applied the lotion. Even tough areas like elbows and my overworked hands are softer. I love how it looks and smells too!"

S. Lavery from Barre Vermont




If you are ordering a GIFT, please email us (sales@lotionsecrets.com) and include yours and your recipients full name, THEIR address and the order number and specify that it is a gift and we will not include one of our invoices. You may attach your own note to the recipient in works, word or excel format and we will be happy to print it out and send it with their order (black and white only please).

Thank you for shopping with us!


 Please Recycle - Recycle, Recycle, Recycle your bottles. Please. Glass is better, but I personally find plastic containers easier to manage than glass, especially with my lotion. I also have children and plastic is safer. We wash and re-use our plastic containers. They seem to last forever... hence the need to recycle. Plastics do not break down. They pollute our ground and water and release toxic chemicals into our air when heated. The production of new plastics is based on supply and demand. When it is time to dispose of them, our local trash company takes clean, plastic containers for recycling. Plastics can be very useful and even save lives. Moderation and re-use here are key.

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