Without giving out my recipes and formulas... here is a full disclosure of every ingredient I use in my products. If you have an allergy or dislike for any of these ingredients, I would be happy to leave them out or replace them in your item of purchase. Just send me an email before or right after you order. That particular ingredient may not even be in what you have selected. I will email you back to confirm that your request was granted. I do make each order fresh.

100% Non Toxic. No GMOs ever. My Products Contain
Mostly Natural or Certified Organic Ingredients.

(Please see the short list of inorganic ingredients and their descriptions below)

Certified Organic Aloe Vera Juice
All Natural Coconut Milk
Fresh Cucumber Juice & Pulp
Pure Distilled Water
All Natural Green Tea
All Natural Mint Green Tea
All Natural Raspberry Green Tea
All Natural Raspberry Zinger Tea
All Natural Vodka (spritz only)

Dried- Natural Herbs & Flowers:
Chamomile -certified organic
Cinnamon powder -certified organic (no more than .3%, mild enough for sensitive skin)
Comfrey Root -certified organic
French Green Clay
Golden seal root
Juniper Berries
Lemon Balm -certified organic
Marigold (Calendula) -certified organic
Marshmallow Root -certified organic
Nettle Extract
Oats (Face mask and oatmeal mint body lotion only.)
Red Clover Blossoms
Rosehip Buds
Roses -certified organic

Oils and Butters:
Certified Organic Apricot Kernel Oil
Certified Organic Jojoba Oil
Certified Organic Red Raspberry Seed Oil
Certified Organic Castor Oil (Lip balm only.)
All Natural Coconut Oil
All Natural Kokum Butter (Wrinkle cream only. Nut allergy warning.)
All Natural Sunflower Seed Oil
All Natural Vitamin E Oil

Other Natural Ingredients:
Natural Baking Soda
Certified Organic Beeswax (Butt balm and lip balm only. Bee pollen allergy warning.)
100% pure anhydrous Citric Acid from crystallized fruit sugar (I use no more than .3%, mild enough for sensitive skin)
Natural Stearic Acid 100% Palm derived- with no added chemicals, emulsifiers or other agents.

Not all natural ingredients are non-toxic and not all unnatural ingredients are toxic. Here are my 3 not-so-natural, non-toxic, lotion ingredients that in no way take away from the wonderful, fresh, natural properties of the ingredients listed above:

1. Up to .3% Naturally Derived Potassium Sorbate

This preservative is the potassium salt of sorbic acid. It has been used safely for over 100 years in food and cosmetics. I cannot find a toxic report about this ingredient used alone or about this ingredient used at a low dosage, even in animal studies. I use it in combination with natural preservatives listed up top to keep my lotion fresh for up to 3 months. Here is what wikipedia says about it:

"Potassium sorbate is considered to be safe because of its long term safety record and non-toxic profile. Potassium sorbate is non-irritating and non-sensitizing. Allergic reactions are rare and it is well tolerated when administered internally. Potassium sorbate exhibits low toxicity with LD50 (rat) of 4.92 g/kg, similar to table salt."


2. Up To .6% Organic Essential, Fragrance or Flavor oils

I use organic flavor, fragrance and essential oils

(There are no essential, fragrance or flavor oils in: baby lotion, baby powder, baby oil, butt balm, unscented lotion, wrinkle cream or face mask)


3. Emulsifying Wax from Mountain Rose Herbs
"This particular emulsifying wax is NF (National Formulary) approved and is the global choice for emulsifying compounds. The emulsifying wax offered by Mountain Rose Herbs is plant based, as per our commitment to abstain from offering any products derived from animal ingredients." It is manufactured. It can contain some post-production residue which includes polysorbates.

Ingredients (Derived From):
Cetostearyl alcohol (Non Toxic "...a mixture of fatty alcohols consisting predominantly of cetyl and stearyl alcohols." Found in plants. Safe to use in cosmetics.) Source: Skin Deep

Ethoxylated Sorbitan Ester ( Non Toxic. "Sorbitol is a white, sweetish, hygroscopic, crystalline sugar alcohol of six-carbon. It is found naturally in various berries and fruits or it is prepared synthetically by high-pressure catalytic hydrogenation of glucose sugar... ethoxylated sorbitan esters are hydrophilics exhibiting high HLB -Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance- values; having an affinity for water; readily absorbing or dissolving in water." Safe to use in cosmetics)
Source: Chemical land 21

Polysorbates have very low toxicity at high doses. I cannot find any toxicity reports at low doses. They are in many of our food products. Because of processing, there will be a small amount of residue particles of polysorbates in the finished product of this emulsifying wax.

I am committed to always fully disclosing the ingredients in my products, I am very proud of them. I want to point out that I do not consider this wax, or any of my ingredients, a threat at all. I would not use them if I did. This is the best emulsifying wax I have used. It helps make very rich and smooth lotions and creams!

Good for all skin types...
These moisturizing body blends can serve many purposes. I really put my heart and years of experience into these recipes. I have a glossary of Natural Ingredients page that will define each of the skintastic ingredients listed above for you plus many more




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